I am a woman who has six sisters-in-law. That’s a lot of sisters-in-law. I owe this bounty to the fact that my husband is the youngest of eight siblings. And my own brother isn’t even married yet, so hopefully, someday I will be able to say that I have seven sisters-in-law. It is really important that I someday have seven sisters-in-law, because my poor mother should be able to say that she has one singular daughter-in-law. Her singular son-in-law, joyously obtained ten years ago, just isn’t enough anymore. A wedding is in order! And don’t get her started on her lack of grandchildren (no grammatical issue here to discuss, just general acknowledgement of her obscene dearth of grandchildren).

I think because of my abundance of sisters-in-law, it has always bothered me when people say sister-in-laws when they mean the plural of sister-in-law. I do, however, get a little bit of joy in pondering what a sister-in-laws would mean. Is it a sister bond that is so strong that it encompasses all laws? A sister connection that went all the way to the supreme court? A policewoman whose sister is a sheriff? Nope. It’s just a bunch of grammatically incorrect but wonderful husband’s sisters and husband’s brothers’ wives. Phew, I really had to think about the possessive rules for that last sentence. Happy Football Sunday to all and Go Chargers (for my San Diego-based sisters-in-law)!


3 thoughts on “Sister-in-Laws

    • Hmmm…interesting. On a related note, I just thought about the fact that sister wives likely also have quite a few sisters-in-law, more than I do even. That’s a lot of presents at Christmas.

      • Even though almost all my friends are women, 7+ {sister-in-law}s is a bit too much for christmas or thanksgiving. My head spins a bit just thinking about it. 1 sister-in-law is enough for me right now.

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