The $1,000,000.50 House

I live in a very cheap apartment above a garage in a very expensive neighborhood. My zip code is 90211, one number off from the famous 90210. People (my mom) think this makes me and my husband fancy. It does not. It only means that I occasionally see celebrities at my local grocery store and a parking ticket is a hefty $63 around here. I know this because the good city of Beverly Hills has $189 of my hard-earned money.

The reason I tell you where I live is that I love it when I catch those one of those real estate shows featuring houses in my area. You know, like the one where a couple goes and looks at several houses and then chooses one? The houses are always well above $1,000,000. I know people in more affordable areas think spending over a million dollars on a tiny condo is insane, but seeing Queen Latifah buying a cart full of ice at your supermarket is worth something, right? Okay, it’s not worth that much. But I digress, again. Back to grammar! Inevitably, at least once per show, someone will describe a house as “a million and a half” dollars when they want to say $1,500,000. A million and a half dollars is $1,000,000.50. One and a half million dollars is $1,500,000. Either way, I can’t afford the house, but it sure is fun to watch.