Thinking Allowed

I should mention that I am an architect and am not formally trained in any sort of writing or English or really anything that would remotely qualify me to be an authority in the English language. I just wanted a place get all grammary and to vent to like-minded souls about the scary turn our language is taking. I’m not pegging myself an expert by any means, and I am sure you will find me regularly committing various grammatical sins. I am notorious for mixing up the words “allowed” and “aloud”. I don’t know why. My brain just can’t handle that particular homophone. I am no longer aloud to use those words ever again. Crap. And apparently “grammary” is not a word. Double crap. This snooty grammar blog of mine is not starting off well.


Grammar Ruined Garlic Chicken for Me

I know there are others like me. Those who, because of the incorrect use of “it’s” on a sign for a favorite restaurant, can no longer fully enjoy the delicious garlic chicken. Those who have to bite their tongue when a friend says “her and I went to the store” for the seventh time in five minutes. Those who noticed that the previous two sentences were, in fact, not sentences at all. But for the sake of having friends and being kind-hearted blog readers, we don’t say anything. We lament to our (ever saintly) spouses and grammar-nerd friends, but it’s all too much. I mean, it’s as if being handy with the English language isn’t even cool anymore!

So this is a place to talk about the minutiae of grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and the like without alienating (any further, at least) those many people in our lives who just don’t care about apostrophes.