There, their

It has been a few days (weeks, months) since I last posted on my snooty grammar blog. I used the word “their” incorrectly and I have been hiding out from the world ever since. I felt that I did not deserve to have a snooty grammar blog. I even took a hiatus from my ridiculous cat blog.

But the other day, I found myself using the words “ostensibly” and “mercurial” in a sentence and I thought, Snooty Word Lady is back, baby! I mean, it was two SAT-ready words IN ONE SENTENCE, people! I think I am allowed to come back to complaining about other people’s grammar mistakes. And maybe I’ll go take some ridiculous cat pictures while I’m at it.

Happy Wednesday! I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Ostensibly. I have a reputation for being mercurial about these things.

SEE?? I’m back!